Harmonia Axyridis Succinea "Asian Orange Ladybug"
3D Model Details
Product ID 161
Geometry Polygonal Quads only
Polygons 15524
Vertices 15635
Textures Yes
Materials Yes
Rigged Yes
Animated No
UV Mapped Yes


3D model of Harmonia Axyridis Succinea 'Asian Ladybug' or 'Harlequin Ladybird' (orange color) created in Maya 2013.
Real-world scale.
Clean topology with quad polygons only.
All objects properly named.
Model fully rigged and ready for animation.
Please watch attached video with rig preview.
Also rig's readme file attached.
No third party plugins were used, fur created with standard Maya tools.

Create new project. Copy .mb files to scenes folder, textures to sourceimages folder and owerwrite renderData folder from archive to projects folder.
Sometimes Maya not update relative path for fur maps and automatically convert them to absolute, you need to check and fix them manually.
In Attribute Editor open Fur properties.
Expand: Details -> Base Color -> Maps
Click on path and delete everything before renderData - this will make file path relative.
Scroll down and repeat this operation for all fur maps
Make sure that you checked all files connected to Fur, you can see all of them in renderData/fur/furAttrMap folder.
FUR_README file added to archive.

Fur connected to 3 objects, please check each:
body, mandibles,labium.

Model Exported to .obj format (without fur)

Asian_Lady_Bug_orange0-8.mb using Asian_Lady_Bug_orange.mb as reference.

Faces: 15524
Vertices: 15635

body_diff.jpeg (4096x4096)
body_normal.png (4096x4096)
wings_diff.jpeg (2048x2048)
wings_opacity.jpeg (2048x2048)
wings_normal.png (2048x2048)
zstudiolight.tga (1024x1024) environment map

Rig description: Main_Control - controls whole model position and rotation
Body_Control - controls body position and rotation
Thorax_Control - controls thorax position and rotation
Head_Control - controls head rotation
lantenna_Control1-3 - control left antenna
rantenna_Control1-3 - control right antenna
Labrum_Control - opening labrum
lmaxilla_Control - controls left maxillary palp
rmaxilla_Control - controls right maxillary palp
llabium_Control - controls left labial palp
rlabium_Control - controls right labial palp
lmandible_Control - controls left mandible
rmandible_Control - controls right mandible
Abdomen_Control - controls abdomen rotation
lfleg_Control - controls left front leg
lmleg_Control - controls left middle leg
lbleg_Control - controls left back leg
rfleg_Control - controls right front leg
rmleg_Control - controls right middle leg
rbleg_Control - controls right back leg
lfknee_Control - controls left front leg knee
rfknee_Control - controls right front leg knee
lmknee_Control - controls left middle leg knee
rmknee_Control - controls right middle leg knee
lbknee_Control - controls left back leg knee
rbknee_Control - controls right back leg knee
lwingunfold_Control - unfolding left wing and opens left elytra
rwingunfold_Control - unfolding right wing and opens right elytra
rfwing_Control - controls right wing rotation
lfwing_Control - controls left wing rotation
llelytra_Control - controls left elytra rotation
rlelytra_Control - controls right elytrarotation
lwingbend_Control1-2 - control left wing bending
lwingbend_Control1-2 - control right wing bending
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