White-tailed Deer
3D Model Details
Product ID 180
Geometry Polygonal Quads only
Polygons 19280
Vertices 19627
Textures Yes
Materials Yes
Rigged Yes
Animated No
UV Mapped Yes


3D model of White-tailed Deer (Shave and a Haircut) created in Maya 2016.
Real-world scale.
Units: cm.
Clean topology with quad polygons only.
All objects properly named.
Model fully rigged and ready for animation.
Please watch attached video with rig preview.
Also rig's readme file attached.

version 9.0v53

Hair Tip:
Short hair created with low poly mesh can cause edges visibility when render (looks like soft lines on hair, because of partial visibility of hair roots), please add 1 mesh smooth iteration before render to get flawless result.

If you will render model without plugin - you will get only base model without fur.

Model Exported to .obj format (without fur)

Whitetail_Deer_pose0-7.mb using Whitetail_Deer.mb as reference.

Faces: 19280
Vertices: 19627

body_bald.png (4096x4096)
body_diff.png (4096x4096)
body_normal.png (4096x4096)
body_reflection.png (4096x4096)
body_specular.png (4096x4096)
ears_displace.png (4096x4096)
ears_splay.png (4096x4096)
head_bald.png (4096x4096)
head_root_color.png (4096x4096)
Pool_BW.hdr (2048x1024) environment map

Rig description:

MainControl - controls whole model position and rotation
Body_Control - controls body position and rotation
Hips_Control - controls hips position and rotation
Chest_Control - controls chest position and rotation
Back_Control1-2 - control back position and rotation
Tail_Control1-3 - control tail rotation
Neck_Control1-3 - controls neck rotation and position
Head_Control - controls head rotation and position
lLip_Control - controls left lip
rLip_Control - controls right lip
bLip_Control - controls bottom lip
Nose_Control - controls nose position
lEar_Control1-3 - control left ear rotation
rEar_Control1-3 - control right ear rotation
Jaw_Control - controls jaw opening
Tongue_Control1-3 - control tongue rotation and stretching
lEye_Control - left eye taget
rEye_Control - right eye target
liris_Control - left eye's iris size
riris_Control - right eye's iris size
leyelids_Control - close left eye
reyelids_Control - close right eye
lCollar_Control - controls left collar rotation
rCollar_Control - controls right collar rotation
lfFoot_Control, lfLeg_Control - control left front leg
rfFoot_Control, rfLeg_Control - control right front leg
lbupleg_Control - controls left upper leg rotation
rbupleg_Control - controls right upper leg rotation
lbFoot_Control, lbLeg_Control - control left rear leg
rbFoot_Control, rbLeg_Control - control right rear leg
lfknee_Control1-2 - control left front leg knee rotation
rfknee_Control1-2 - control right front leg knee rotation
lbknee_Control - controls left rear leg knee rotation
rbknee_Control - controls right rear leg knee rotation
lfhoof_Control1-4 - control left front leg hoof fingers
rfhoof_Control1-4 - control right front leg hoof fingers
lbhoof_Control1-4 - control left back leg hoof fingers
rbhoof_Control1-4 - control right back leg hoof fingers
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