3D Honey Bee (Animated)
3D Model Details
Product ID 196
Geometry Polygonal Quads only
Polygons 52476
Vertices 52528
Textures Yes
Materials Yes
Rigged Yes
Animated Yes
UV Mapped Yes


Animated 3D model of Honey Bee or Honeybee (Shave and a Haircut)
created in Maya 2016.
Real-world scale.
Units: cm.
Clean topology with quad polygons only.
All objects properly named.
Model fully rigged and ready for animation.
Please watch attached videos with rig and animations preview.
Also rig's readme file attached.


version 9.0v53

Model Exported to .obj format (Not rigged).
Product contains 4 animations.

To see full animations with real playback speed please download .mov files in Previews section.

HoneyBee_Animation_Fly1.mb - contains infinite flying cycle animation (Slow Motion), you can set any length of your clip.
HoneyBee_Animation_Fly2.mb - contains infinite flying cycle animation.
HoneyBee_Animation_Fly3.mb - contains 60 frames of flying animation (can be extended to infinite), easy to adjust flying position with Main_Control.
HoneyBee_Animation_Pollination.mb - contains 180 frames of pollination animation:
- 1-85 - Approaching and landing
- 86-125 - Pollination
- 126-180 - Takeoff and fly away
HoneyBee_Poster.mb - contains main product image at frame 39.
All these files using HoneyBee_SAAH.mb as reference.

You can select objects in RIG_Controls layer to select all controllers of model. Simply set to 0 if you need to reset position.

Faces: 52476
Vertices: 52528

bg_247.tga (2220x1200) background color 247,247,247
bg_dark.tga (2220x1200) dark background
bg.tga (2220x1200) photo background
body_diff.tga (4096x4096)
body_kink.tga (4096x4096)
body_normal.tga (4096x4096)
body_root_width.tga (4096x4096)
body_specular.tga (4096x4096)
wings_bump.tga (2048x2048)
wings_diff.tga (2048x2048)
wings_opacity.tga (2048x2048)
wings_specular.tga (2048x2048)
Pool_BW.tga (2048x1024) environment map

Rig description:
Main_Control - controls whole model position and rotation
Body_Control - controls body position and rotation
Head_Control - controls head rotation
lantenna_Control1-3 - control left antenna
rantenna_Control1-3 - control right antenna
Mouth_Control -controls mouth position
Tongue_Control -controls tongue position
lmandible_Control - controls left mandible
rmandible_Control - controls right mandible
lmaxilla_Control - controls left maxillary palp
rmaxilla_Control - controls right maxillary palp
llablum_Control - controls left labial palp
rlablum_Control - controls right labial palp
Abdomen_Control1-2 - control abdomen rotation
Sting_Control -controls sting position
lfleg_Control1-2 - control left front leg
lmleg_Control - controls left middle leg
lbleg_Control - controls left back leg
rfleg_Control1-2 - control right front leg
rmleg_Control - controls right middle leg
rbleg_Control - controls right back leg
lfknee_Control1-2 - control left front leg knee
rfknee_Control1-2 - control right front leg knee
lmknee_Control - controls left middle leg knee
rmknee_Control - controls right middle leg knee
lbknee_Control - controls left back leg knee
rbknee_Control - controls right back leg knee
rfwing_Control - controls right front wing rotation
lfwing_Control - controls left front wing rotation
rbwing_Control - controls right back wing rotation
lbwing_Control - controls left back wing rotation
lfwingbend_Control1-3 - control left front wing bending
rfwingbend_Control1-3 - control right front wing bending
lbwingbend_Control1-3 - control left back wing bending
rbwingbend_Control1-3 - control right back wi
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